Mama and wife, writer, designer, artist, sushi lover and chocolate obsessed.

Lara has been working exclusively online for the better part of 22 years. Everything from Neopets to ProBlogger to Country Time Lemonade and Paris Hilton's perfume line.

There's a lot going on here so to keep it simple, know that I'm really often too busy to stick to anything, which is why I've thoroughly enjoyed working for myself and whomever I want whenever I want. Yes, there are downfalls, but the freedom of working on my own terms is ginormous.

I'm working hard at trying to become more consistent with creation in 2023. Content, digital downloads, art, you name it. Let's see how this plays out, because I'm frankly over the whole pandemic-induced anxiety and such that's plagued me. It's time to get back to getting back to things I want to get back to.

Maybe I'll learn to be funnier, too?

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